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Bowen Family Systems

Understanding family system theory is an invaluable blueprint and a key to solving many family issues. I will help you to understand the theory so that you can further your relationships by continuing the development of self. Knowing family systems principles will help you in your intimate relationships, friendships, single life, workplace and in your relationship with yourself.

Bowen Family Systems approach will help you gain awareness of how the emotional system functions.  I will help you to see the family, not the individual, as the emotional unit. Once you see, this you will see everything to do with relationships through different lenses and your vision will become quite clear.

According to Bowen Theory, a healthy life course is based on thinking rather than feelings that come and go. Further, it is based on observation rather than on what people feel or say about themselves and others.

Systems thinking strives to look at the emotional process going on among people, while never losing sight of the facts of a given situation. Rather than trying for control or blaming the other, one tries always to  better manage oneself and one’s own contributions to the situation. In this new way of thinking, no one is to blame or at fault.  Rather, the emotional system itself operates as a unit, each one affecting all the other members.

One becomes aware of being a small part of something much bigger than self – one’s family in all of its generations.